Our Story

We’re a husband and wife team, and our story is pretty¬†simple.

Like most things, it all started with a complaint from my wife! ūüôā¬†Kylee is a very passionate early-childhood teacher, who always felt that children couldn’t accurately represent themselves when it came to artistic expression.¬† As a society, we’ve worked so hard to get resources that are more representative of people across the world yet we lag behind when it comes to the tools we use¬†for our children in the classroom.Whilst Kylee always mixed her own paints for skin colours, a¬†huge part of childhood development and creative expression¬†is drawing, but¬†children were being limited with how they could express¬†who they are!

We are more than just ‘peach’ or ‘brown’¬†– the limited colours¬†available in any standard box of crayons or felt-tip markers.

After an incredible amount of research, we stumbled across some¬†items that were available overseas that we couldn’t get in South Africa, which is an overwhelming shock when considering the abundance of beautiful diversity in our country. Nonetheless, these options were expensive,¬†not child-friendly and all sounded like house-paint swatches.

So after one-too-many complaints from Kylee, I said LET’S DO THIS!!! Progressing from wanting to make a difference in HER classroom, to wanting to make a difference in classrooms around South Africa. Over a¬†YEAR later, we’ve finally created stationery for the skin you’re in, and proudly named Colour Me Kids.

So we’re more than just a company – we’re a husband and wife team, passionate about encouraging children to celebrate¬†the colour of THEIR skin!

Thank you for joining us on our journey to encourage expression of individuality, uniqueness and self-love.

We so look forward to being apart of your child’s story… so go colour YOU!

Give Back

We understand how important it is to you to be an ethical, mindful consumer.

That’s why¬†5% of the profits from your purchase goes to education for underprivileged children ‚Äď every child deserves an education.